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Pay For A Research Paper Com – He remarked that the invitation to participate in the talks should be addressed by both parties – both resident physicians, and government side.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

To create centers of psychiatric care. Representatives of the Ministry of Health handed – in response to a question the chairman of the Democratic Left Alliance deputy – that “it is a directional decision to liquidate the NFZ, but you can not now say when it will happen.” Deputy Chairman of the committee Tomasz Latos (PiS) asked Arlukowicz that “as an experienced parliamentarian certainly knows that as the project is in the Parliament, then we can say that is working on it, and all that is before – is pure conjecture” . At Saturday’s congress of the Law and Justice PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that the issue of final decisions on how to finance health care – is breaking down the NFZ, if it is not breaking down – this is a matter for the next term. Health Minister asked about these words, he said that there is no decision yet as to the date of liquidation of the National Health Fund and it will be analyzed. The Ministry of Health was planning that from January next year will be able to fund liquidation; the final liquidation date would depend on how long this process. NFZ financial plan is drawn up every year. President of the Fund prepares its draft drawn up on the basis of – in consultation with the ministers of finance and health – projections of revenues and costs the National Health Fund for the coming years and the draft financial plans of each Fund regional branches. (PAP) Lose an important member country – Mogherini said during a lecture for students of Tsinghua (more…)