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Wednesday, May 8th, 2019


They are extensively regulated by the top-tier bodies in financial regulation and have built a strong rapport among customers. eToro, like many other top forex brokers work hard to offer an extensive range of educational opportunities.

These traders short the security believing that resistance has been met, there will be fewer buyers, and the security will drop in price. Some trading platforms will give you a calendar of news events. However, you also need a reliable service that announces breaking financial news. If you make just 1% on five short-term trades in a day, at the end of a week, you’ve made 20% profit.

eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFD assets. Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. declares no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnership with any trademark holders unless otherwise stated. eToro has done well merging self-directed trading and copy trading under a unified trading experience. This is a marketing communication and should not be taken as investment advice, personal recommendation, or an offer of, or solicitation to buy or sell, any financial instruments. Any references to past performance of a financial instrument, index or a packaged investment product are not, and should not be taken as, a reliable indicator of future results. eToro makes no representation and assumes no liability as to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this publication, which has been prepared utilizing publicly-available information.

eToro, in accordance with ESMA regulations, classifies its traders into two types. Another clear factor when determining your choice of broker is definitely the associated costs, fees, and availability of account types that fit your trading style.

The platform trades bitcoin on a ‘contract for difference‘ basis, which means users buy and sell financial derivatives that track the BTC price without actually owning the underlying asset. traders would report bugs/improvement requests/issues with trades/withdrawals, and feedback was a long time coming from Etoro/Etoro support. I (and others) would be taken round in circles or just plain ignored.

Step 1: Open your broker account

Investing in themes means for example investing in a portfolio of big banks or cryptocurrencies. Practically, “Big Banks CopyPortfolio” consists of CFDs traded by the largest investment banks, such as Citi, Bank of America, HSBC or others. Click on the ‘Portfolio’ tab, then go to ‘History,’ and under the gear icon at the top right, you can access and download your account statement. This is a well-structured pdf file showing all of your cash flows, including fees. When you are following someone, you will see all trades separately.


You can decide how much money you want to invest in copying another trader, and you can close your investment whenever you wish. If you want, you can also make money by having other traders copy you. eToro claims to have 10 million account holders worldwide. The social trading features are eToro’s strongest asset and the company has a feed similar to Twitter, so traders can really embrace the community aspects of the platform. But can eToro really compare with other brokers with more diverse asset class offerings?


The platform is highly regarded and has been around for a long time without any major issues or hacking incidents being reported. Therefore, there are no reasons to believe that this new eToro wallet is a scam of any type, nor that the brand doesn’t protect its users. At the wallet’s launch in early November 2018, an eToro statement mentioned that they will be “adding a whole host of additional functionality” shortly.

This allows users to view the portfolios of the platform’s best investors and then automatically copy their trades in real-time. This is particularly true if you want what is etoro to engage in social trading by copying or replicating other people’s trades. Beyond this, they are also known as a great broker for crypto assets trading and CFDs.

  • If you want to trade commodities, the Top Trader Portfolio links your account with successful gold, silver and/or oil traders.
  • This is often the case because a trader being copied may be risking only a little and does not mid taking large drawdowns on his account.
  • The forex spread generally starts from around 1 pip on major currency pairs.
  • You also need to ensure that your wins have outpaced your losses, both in numbers and in percentages.
  • CopyPortfolio is practically an investment fund, but under the hood it is a CFD portfolio.
  • A cursory search revealed a number of websites and forum posts calling eToro a “scam”.

You’ll need $5,000 to get started with CopyPortfolios. CFDs are advanced trading instruments and over 75% of retail clients lose money trading them on

You’ll need a trustworthy and reliable broker or trading platform. You want one that’s honest and doesn’t make trades against you. And you may find platforms that offer social trading and people you can copy. This lets you begin trading even before you’ve gained the needed experience to trade on your own.

eToro – Guide and Tutorial – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to eToro [Step by Step]

On the negative side, eToro’s forex fees are high and the withdrawal is slow with a $5 fee charged. eToro serves UK clients through an entity regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Australians through an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated entity. All other customers are served by a Cypriot entity that is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


You can create a portfolio that gives you access to the eToro community and tracking stats like P/L and success rates. Your portfolio is on display to the entire network, so you’ll need to get over any bashfulness if you want to explore social trading on eToro. Looking for information on how much money you’ll need to start trading on eToro? I’ve put together this guide that lists everything you can trade and the minimum amount of capital you need to open a position. Ease of use is at the heart of the eToro platform experience.

The overall opinion of this eToro wallet review is that this is a useful service that could be of great benefit to many investors. There are cryptocurrency investors out there who prefer to avoid the need for wallets and opt for CFD options instead. This is sometimes due to worries about potential security issues they might encounter. As we have seen in this new eToro wallet review, however, there are few fewer concerns like these to worry about in this case. Once it is available where you live, you can safely download eToro wallet app to your mobile device and then sign in using your existing credentials.

So eToro is both a trading platform and a copy trading platform. It can be used like a regular broker to trade stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrency and more. If you’re not the most experienced trader, you can automatically copy trades made by more experienced traders.

A typical example would be if the forex broker goes bankrupt, the clients can recover their account balances via the fund. It is important to note that the maximum payout by the fund is EUR 20,000 per client. There is some significant counterparty risk with eToro, and also some measures available to mitigate that risk. eToro is the counterparty to all retail client trades. This means that if eToro goes bankrupt, your account is at risk and you could lose some or all of your account balance.

In eToro, as in all the Social Trading companies, users will self-influence each other, the crowd will self-manipulate itself. From our experience, we have seen too many times how eToro have highlighted traders who had achieved great performance but with an excessive risk, if not fatal. Social Trading is interactive in the sense that traders can share their thoughts with other traders. Not only that, but you can also follow and interact with them in most cases, very much like a social network.

In addition to being well-regulated by some of these top-tier authorities in the sector, eToro is also ESMA compliant and regulated in almost every European country. Thanks to this wide-ranging regulation, eToro is available to traders in almost every country of the world including the United States. eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd is authorised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services under Australian Financial Services License number .

Entrusting the choice of the traders to follow to the eToro automatic ranking, without knowing what you are doing and who you are choosing, it’s absolutely not a recommended choice. Copy Trading is more operational in the sense that you can directly copy the trades of others (signal provider) and you will make or lose money based on this performance. As an eToro trader, your real crypto holdings can also be transferred to the eToroX crypto wallet service. This transfer will be permitted only if you are holding a significant enough balance in real cryptocurrency that you can check with the eToroX support team. Mobile forex trading is essential in today’s market.