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Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry for you personally

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry for you personally

I am a white man marrying a Vietnamese woman (from Vietnam) therefore maybe I’m able to provide a small amount of assistance regarding the wedding precious precious jewelry procedure.

Brief solution: Yes, you will be proper. Moms and dads current wedding jewelry into the bride.

Long response: During the betrothal (tea) ceremony, which normally takes destination a couple weeks to a couple months ahead of the real wedding, the groom’s parents typically presents the bride with wedding precious precious jewelry. In past times, the precious jewelry ended up being often high-karat (at the very least 20 karat) gold, and contained a dense necklace, fall earrings, plus some kind of bangle or bracelet. In our contemporary world, it is often the exact exact exact same necklace that is thick bracelet, however the earrings usually are diamond (or higher likely fake diamond) earrings rather than ordinary silver, together with string may have a pendant too.

This is actually the custom. But that does not mean you must abide by it towards the T. I would personally state that, in the event that moms and dads are fairly conservative (will they be staying in Vietnam or Vietnamese People in the us? ) chances are they’re perhaps not planning to budge in the presenting of gifts through the tea ceremony. But the majority contemporary moms and dads are not likely to require purchasing those precise items which I in the list above.

For instance, during my situation, my fiancee and we talked about it along with her moms and dads. My fiancee hates platnium ( it seems terrible on her behalf epidermis) therefore all of us agreed that gold will be an enormous waste of cash on her behalf to put on for only one day. (more…)