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A lack of competitive products in the French market place for overseas residents, has enabled French Mortgage Direct to utilise our skills and knowledge of the French mortgage market, bringing you a wide selection of competitive French mortgages and the highest standard of customer service.We offer you a truly competitive range of mortgage products and can act as a partner throughout your purchase, not just as a broker!

Our experience dealing with the French property market enables us to offer you a professional and efficient service, helping you find the most suitable mortgage for your needs.

We also accompany our customers throughout the process of obtaining a French mortgage and beyond; explaining the various steps involved in purchasing a French property and guiding them through each stage.

Some of the things we do on top of our mortgage brokering service include (all these services are FREE of charge for our customers):

  • Arranging a French bank account
  • Assistance in finding the cheapest life insurance cover for your mortgage.
  • Assistance in arranging French property insurance cover (contents and buildings). The quotes we get our customers are 3 times cheaper than what they are quoted by UK companies!
  • Liaising with your estate agent, notary etc taking the hassle out of the purchase for you.
  • Ensuring that your Compromis de Vente contains a mortgage clause.
  • Plus much more! Read our customer testimonials to see how we’ve helped others buy in France..We can also recommend French solicitors, currency brokers and arrange to set up French bank accounts, all as part of our service.

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